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James disse...

É uma tristeza...
5.000 mortos confirmados, o dobro ou o triplo de desaparecidos, solos e alimentos e água provávelmente «contaminados radioactivamente», países a proibirem importações do Japão, cidades inteiramente arrasadas/aplanadas, multibancos e bancos fechados sem um tostão, aeroportos e estradas entupidas, réplicas a toda a hora.
Grande povo, gente gentil e civilizadíssima e estóica como poucos, não são do género «tuga queixinholas» e estamos a falar da 3ª economia do mundo, tecnologia a rodos...
Imaginem se isto se tivesse passado aki... ou no Bangla-Desh.


The whole world is on fire, isn't it ?»

Andressa disse...

Céus, que foto linda. Quanta sensibilidade.

James disse...

Este vem do meu amigo Waya (americano cherokee da Ani'Waya tribo, 1st nations...)
Só o ponho aki porque ustedes não o podem ler 'adonde' está.

I'm not a super 'greenie' but I do believe that wind and solar, with the very least amount of noxious fumes produced, as well as no chance of radiological danger, are the best path forward... BUT I also acknowledge that they're both not currently economically feasible in the amounts the world now needs, much less what we will need in 2050.

We've got to have something to bridge that gap, we've got to acknowledge that no matter how clean burning coal or oil or natural gas is, burning organics will have a negative impact on our environment, even if only a 'little bit'. So will building 10,000 wind turbines, but the operation of those turbines produces NO emissions, and no radiation.

It comes down to common sense... don't renew the licenses of nuclear power plants which are built in seismic active areas. Don't build any NEW plants in seismic areas. One thing I have noticed, is that power companies buy cheap land (read: next to fault line) and then refuse to concede that those are not the wisest places to build a power plant which can possibly, however remote, release terrible amounts of poison into the environment.

Not to sound too much like my grandfather (who by the way was a lot wiser than I), but some few of you are a bit young to remember the nuclear weapons testing of the 1950s and 1960s. One single detonation of those old thermonuclear H-bombs released 2000 times (or more) of the fission/fusion by-products than even Chernobyl. Strontium-90 was found in milk all across the USA, Canada, and many other countries, after such tests. Can we blame those tests for the higher cancer rates, or is it due to better screening?

I don't know. All I do know is, the current state of our society must recognize that we cannot sustain ourselves without cheap electricity... and we cannot reduce the use of gasoline from crude oil without the use of cheap electrical automobiles. What we MUST do, is commit to a wiser use of resources, realizing that we do not own the Earth, she owns us. My ancestors used to debate topics of interest in council, with the proviso that we have to consider the implications of any such decisions for SEVEN generations, not for only the currently living. This might seem onerous, but it would be better to at least consider the next generation, instead of our own selfish desires and wishes alone.

When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries, while you rejoice.

Cherokee Proverb