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James disse...

John Huston - Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967)
This is my tribute to the late Liz Taylor, links are mine, just for us here pls.

Runtime: 109
Language: English
Country: USA
Color (looks like gold tinted b/w though)


Director: John Huston

Elizabeth Taylor
Marlon Brando
Brian Keith
Julie Harris
Robert Forster
Zorro David

On a U.S. Army post circa 1948, a major who is an impotent, latent homosexual is married to an infantile birdbrain who never misses an opportunity to ridicule his masculine failings. He displaces his hostility by brutally flogging her horse and she retaliates by humiliating him before a houseful of guests, repeatedly slashing him across the face with her riding crop. She is also committing adultery with the officer next door, who's wife cut off her nipples with garden shears after the death of her baby. She has sought solace in the ministrations of her effeminate houseboy. The sixth character, coveted by the major, is a darkly handsome noncom, a voyeur and lingerie-fondler, given to nightly appearances as a peeping tom in the birdbrain's bedroom and daily sessions of horseback riding in the middle of the woods stark naked.

"JOHN HUSTON originally wanted his adaptation of Carson McCuller's novel «Reflections in a Golden Eyer», a story of obsessive sexual desire set on a Southern Army base to be washed with a golden glow.
The 1967 picture, which was shot in Technicolor and tinted during processing, played for just one week with the gilded hue; thereafter it was shown only in the standard Technicolor version.

This restored DVD, part of a collection of Marlon Brando films that also includes 'Julius Caesar' and the 1962 remake of 'Mutiny on the Bounty' marks the first time that most viewers will be able to see the movie as Huston intended."

sem-se-ver disse...

é sem dúvida um dos mais espantosos filmes dela; mas a minha primeira associação vai sempre para 'gata em telhado de zinco quente', por ter um dos mais faiscantes pares da história do cinema (e por tudo, enfim).

qt a este, tive oportunidade de o ver na idade certa (adolescência, diria, início da juventude), no gil vicente em coimbra, num ciclo que, a esta distância, imagino tenha sido consagrado a adaptações do albee. vê-se um filme destes e fica-se marcada para sempre: no que se refere à exigência na avaliação de filmes.

eu gosto da elizabeth taylor.

James disse...

Eu também.
Dê uma olhadela no seu próprio «berlogue»...