Ó senhor embaixador, o mundo deve ter mudado muito na última semana [ou quiçá, só no último fim-de-semana]

O embaixador de Portugal em Tripoli diz que o protesto na Líbia não é generalizado, sublinhando que a situação social daquele país é muito melhor que nos países vizinhos.
Rui Lopes Aleixo, a 17 de Feveiro (hoje é 21 e os militares abriram fogo aéreo sobre manifestantes]

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Zé Rui disse...

O homem ainda não tinha metido a cabecita fora da tenda para ver o que se passava!!!

Parabéns pelo Blogue. Pensa escrever tão pouco.....

Zé Rui disse...

Pena escrever tão pouco.....

James disse...

De um dos meus amiguinhos indianos (ele lê árabe melhor que eu...)

* The launch of live bullets by security forces in the streets of Libya
* Libya .. The third victim of change

* Rivic: Conditions of "Serbia" forced me to resign from the training the Saudi National
* Defer warships Iranian planes were crossing the Suez Canal for two days
* Egyptian clubs agree to the resumption of the league without an audience
* Arsenal fail to resolve the qualification to the quarter final of FA Cup football
* Kuwait Qadisiya with three wins and challenge him on the top of the Kuwaiti

Tripoli, Benghazi - a special

There were unconfirmed reports the departure of President Muammar Gaddafi, the country to Venezuela or Brazil, in the center of Tripoli in clashes between thousands of protesters and supporters of al-Qadhafi.

According to news agency MENA on Sunday 20/2/2011 that Abdel-Moneim Hun Libya Permanent Delegate to the Arab League has resigned from his post in protest against the crackdown on protesters in the country. The agency quoted the Hun saying he resigned from all his posts and joined the People's Revolution.

The agency said that he had submitted his resignation to the Libyan Foreign Ministry to protest the strike to allow unarmed demonstrators and crushed as a citizen, saying that Libby could not remain silent at all on these crimes, which amount to genocide. "We announced the full bias to my people."

Reports said dozens of people were killed in clashes in Libya today. He said a local doctor, told Reuters that at least 50 people were killed in Benghazi during the last seven hours.

Has joined a unit of the Libyan army to the demonstrators in Benghazi. The task force informed "Thunderbolt" The people they liberated the city of Benghazi. And so joined the tribe and Rafla to the protesters.

On the other hand, the Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi Sunday during a meeting with EU ambassadors in Tripoli that Libya has the right to take "all measures" in order to "preserve its unity," as quoted by the Libyan news agency.

And so on, hundreds of Tunisians from Libya to escape their lives in the bloody clashes that broke out between protesters and troops in support of the Libyan leader.

Earlier today, reports said that the bloody massacres committed by the forces of the Libyan army and mercenaries in the city of Benghazi, the second most cities after the capital Tripoli, amid mounting protests reached a peak on Sunday afternoon.

She added that "cities in the Middle Libyan from Benghazi is no longer in the grip of the Gaddafi regime, and that the army is quickly tried to regain control of it."

The capital, Tripoli also demonstrations and protests against the authority in the regions and the plateau and Vhlom Gargaresh and Abu Salim, amid intense security enhancements.


Anónimo disse...

Está um espanto....parabéns. L.R.

James disse...

O general Younis (ministro do Interior, Líbia) acabou de se demitir e apelou às FFAA locais para se juntarem ao «outro lado».
´Tá pôdre, pôdre está...