Eu nunca comprei nada na Ensitel mas também não é agora que vou começar

E nem sequer li os takes todos.

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Manuel Vilarinho Pires disse...

Os consumidores têm um poder de que por vezes parecem não ter a noção, ou a determinação de usar: o de decidir comprar ou não comprar, o de decidir dar ou não dar dinheiro a ganhar a quem vende.
Eu, obviamente, não comprarei mais nada na Ensitel!

James disse...

Só agora soube que 'isso' é uma lojeca de materials electronicús.
Devem ter um lambécunas avençado p'a percorrer a intermerda a ver o que dixem da pôrra da firma.
Nunca sequer me cruzei com semelhantes abrôlhos, chateiem-me amim , e vão ver como se 'Leviathan' (Auster) se fax uma canôa com eles e uns paus..
Ah, e eu hei-de estar em Teheran (ou na Costa da Caparica...) quando tudo de mal vos acontecer, piquenos coños...

James disse...

A propósito, mas ligeiramente ao lado, e eu estou inocente, not havin' 'Apple' round here...

(he's a WASP american)
Cherokee language support into iOS
Will it help younger tribe members to keep up with their heritage?


The Associated Press reports that Apple has quietly incorporated Cherokee language support into iOS. Cherokee tribal officials were worried about the demise of the Cherokee language as the tribe aged and its younger members increasingly adopted the English language -- and iPhones. However, instead of seeing technology as a threat, Cherokee tribal leaders opened talks with Apple three years ago about including native support for the Cherokee language in iOS.

This fall, Apple replied to the Cherokees' request and announced that it was adding the Cherokee language to the roughly 50 languages supported by iOS. Apple's announcement was a surprise to Joseph Erb, who works in the Cherokee Nation's language technology division. He told the AP, "There are countries vying to get on these devices for languages, so we are pretty excited we were included."

The written Cherokee language was created over 200 years ago when a blacksmith named Sequoyah converted the spoken Cherokee language into text. Use of the language has diminished in recent decades. Only 8,000 of the 290,000 members of the Cherokee tribe still speak the language -- a number the tribe hopes to increase with a little help from Apple.

(he's cherokee/american, their numbers still up to 290,000 peeps)
Anything that keeps the tongue speaking, can only be good. Part of the problem is, as mentioned by passnow, there are not many left who still speak it... and it's not easy to invent new words to represent new technologies. Electricity still has about twelve different terms for it, and computers.... don't get me started. We have no words for lawyers, so the literal translation is "Those who speak fast and get the People out of trouble".

For a while, there was a Motorola plant near the Nation, in Oklahoma, which employed a goodly number of the People... which kind of gave the Nation an inside track to Apple, since Motorola used to make the PowerPC CPUs. Or, at least I think they did. Anyways, yes, a LOT of the People are very happy about this, and I predict Macs will dominate the three Cherokee Nations very VERY soon.
When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries, while you rejoice.

Cherokee Proverb

Love this my mates ... and cherokee are about 290.000 peeps there still...